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London Fashion Week SS16


Another season is over - for me, London Fashion Week has become my biannual week of patterns, layers, often uncomfortable shoes, lots of walking, photograph-taking and meeting a whole host of interesting, creative people, and even after 2 years (4 seasons) I'm still not sick of it. Once you get caught up in the hype of getting dressed each day, getting into shows and making the most of the free popcorn, you can't stop - faces become familiar, and before you know it you're part of a little fashion week community, using the event as a place to network and meet up with like-minded people you are often to busy to see at any other time in the year. I adore it, and end up feeling so validated and inspired from the buzz of it for months afterwards. 
This time last year was my second season, and I completely wore myself out by going every single day, attending shows and hovering around Somerset House. It was such an amazing experience - I saw Orla Kiely, and Mother of Pearl, stood a few rows behind Sir Philip Green and Anna Wintour at the Topshop Unique show, and was invited backstage and second row at Holly Fulton with Maddy simply by being in the right place at the right time! I was completely hooked after that - unfortunately I couldn't attend every day this time, but I know next season I will - it really is so addictive.

This season, the location changed from Somerset House to Brewer Street in Soho - a place I do love, but had never expected to be well-suited to an event like Fashion Week. It was weird, being so exposed and just milling around a street, but in a way I liked it...there was more to see, more places to go and more photographs to take I guess, but a part of me will always miss the little bubble that was the old showspace.

As usual, there were so many different and amazing styles and outfits to photograph. I found it hard spotting a particular theme or trend this season on the day I was there; it seemed very much that individuality is 'in' again. I liked that as I think style is only interesting when it's unique - trends become boring if they're widespread. Not that we don't all copy styles sometimes, but it's nice that fashion can appreciate individual's self-expression rather than judging their look by how much it relates to what's "in fashion" at the time.

Every fashion week I end up panicking last minute and throwing together something I've never worn before - I work well under pressure, so I end up making something just before I leave. This year, I wore a skirt I made a few years ago but have never worn out, with a Beyond Retro vintage Joseph shirt. The corset/bralet situation was part of a dress (also Beyond Retro) that I cut down for the occasion. The tights and shoes are Primark, and my jewellery is from Hirst Antiques (except the earrings which are from Barcelona!)

I was finally accredited this year (snazzy press pass lanyard, at last), which gave me access to the Designer Showrooms. It was lovely to be able to see the collections up close, emphasising the detail and workmanship that goes into pieces such as Holly Fulton's work, pictured above.
I hope you all had a good week - sorry for the shortish post, I will try and round up this season a little better soon! I'm working on lots of projects for my extended project (a zine, Bloom) so hopefully I can share some of that soon too!

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London Fashion Week SS16
London Fashion Week SS16
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