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growing up but nothing's changing

September is always such a blur - starting back at school is always weirdly exciting, developing a new routine, getting used to a new timetable and more free periods, hanging out with different people and not worrying too much about anything yet because you know, it's only September. You've got ages to sort yourself out, right?
That's the sort of mentality I've been struggling with a little recently - sometimes, when I get home after a day at school it's just so hard to find any motivation to get on with all of the work I need to be doing, resulting in my avoiding it, worrying about it, staying up late avoiding it more and then being tired and not able to work on it the next day either. I've pretty much been living in this never-ending sleep-deprived cycle for the entire month, somehow managing to still be behind in most subjects even when I do try and keep up with the workload as best as I can. 
I've had such a good month, despite the school-related stress - I saw Mac Demarco play at The Roundhouse in Camden, and bumped into several cool cats while I was there including the gorgeous Effie, and of course Maya who I see at every gig I go to. I met up with Elisa to shoot for my new little zine and we went to the Cereal Killer Cafe (finally...as 'hipster' as people may think it is, I love cereal and cafes so I refuse to be ashamed of how much I loved it). I also went to fashion week and shot with Janvier for Zeum Magazine Online (here) and hung out with Mona. I went to an 80's themed party the other weekend too, which was my dream as anyone who knows me will know just how much I love 80s pop...the costume was a winner too as unlike a lot of people, my friends and I didn't even need to go shopping as we already had a bunch of crazy 80s things in our wardrobes. I've also had time to soak up the last of the summer sun, hanging out in the park, rediscovering how much fun swings are and generally ignoring the fact that I am going to be turning 18 in just over a month. 

These photos are actually quite old, from a day at work just before the summer holidays. They've been lurking in my drafts for ages now and I thought I might as well post them now so that I don't have old content hanging over me for any more of the year!
The shirt and backpack is from a vintage fair in Hackney, the trousers are Beyond Retro, and the shoes were from Asos, although unfortunately they no longer exist as my dog thought it would be a lovely surprise for me if she chewed them to pieces while I was at college one day. I still need to get some replacement platforms as I could really do with that extra few inches of height when I'm trying to reach pieces on the top shelves at work.

I wrote the beginning of this post a week or so ago - now it is officially October, I'm seeing Peace for the third time tomorrow (!!!) and I  have so much work to do before our art trip to Paris next week (which will result in a crazy amount of content for this blog hehe). I'm using my tumblr a lot more at the moment and thought I might as well share a few photos that have been inspiring me over the last few weeks.


(source & source)

(me in my true home aka the Tate Britain gallery)


Also, some recent happenings straight to you from my phone camera roll...I haven't been able to take loads of outfit or other photos recently but having my phone handy has allowed me to continue to document most days of my life through photography, as you know I love to do.

 Coffee shop work sessions, pretty Notting Hill, long tube journeys, nice gallery lunches and cute cat!
Also, GRAYSON PERRY (!!!) spoke at my school on Tuesday...I sat third row and have still not quite recovered from how amazing it was to get to listen to one of my favourite artists and biggest inspirations talk in the flesh. The photo below was taken by a teacher for my school's twitter I think.

(Post-Grayson gallery trip)

(College college college)
I hope you have a lovely weekend...I'm going to get some photos developed and organise myself  a little so I can be more up to date next week, and I'll have lots of photos from Paris hopefully so should be back posting within the week!

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growing up but nothing's changing
growing up but nothing's changing
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