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Beyond Retro X St Mungos & new film ~

 I finished school for the Christmas break today - and my word this could not have come soon enough. College has really been getting to me lately, and I just need a little break from the routine of early mornings, late nights and an overload of work with tight deadlines. Also, I love the Christmas holidays - there's always festivities and things to look forward to, as well as New Years and the excitement of starting completely afresh with 2016. I've had a nice last week - I handed in my extended project on Thursday and celebrated by going charity shopping with a friend and spending my evening dancing in my bedroom (although I do this most evenings anyway), and then today I only had two art lessons so we ate chocolate and listened to Christmas songs and it was all nice and relaxed.

I wore a vintage denim jacket, Monki shoes and my new vintage Christmas jumper from Beyond Retro. I love a good Christmas jumper, and they never fail to have an enormous range to choose between, ranging from the crazy embellished pieces with toys sewn onto the front to toned-down, sleek fairisle style sweaters. I had to choose a crazy one of course - big enough for me to wear as a dress, this one has adorable embroidered motifs and pearl and golden beads, bringing a wonderful 80s edge and making me feel simultaneously tacky and sleek at the same time. "Tacky" is  thing I'm really into - that 80s kind of over-beading, plastic jewellery etc. There's a sort of irony in it and I just love anything with a bit of frill, glitter or beadwork.
Anyway, the reason I am wearing this jumper is two-fold; one, it is nearly Christmas, and two, Beyond Retro are currently running a campaign (similar to their work last year for Save the Children) where they will donate an item of Winter Wear to St Mungos Broadway, a charity dedicated to providing shelter, clothing and support for the homeless, which is particularly crucial during the cold winter nights. Throughout 2014-15, over 7,500 individuals had to sleep rough on London's streets, and with rising house prices and cuts on services this number is likely to increase over the next few years. By giving winter clothes to the residents at St Mungo's Broadway, Beyond Retro aim to help on their way to recovery, but they can only do this with funding from people like you or me. Instead of donating £10 to a charity and not being entirely certain how your money will be spent, you could spend £9.99 on a funky Christmas jumper from Beyond Retro, and know that you have bought an item of clothing not just for yourself, but another for someone who may really need it. I think it's a really wonderful campaign, however it finishes this weekend so try to get yours soon!

 I then couldn't help but wear it with a vintage tartan jacket too - I am really obsessed with tartan at the moment for some reason (I have even decided on a red tartan suit for my prom?!) and it feels somewhat festive, although that is probably mostly because of the colour.
Also, I recently got some rolls of film developed from before the summer, and some from the last few weeks ~~~

These were taken in Margate early this year - my dog is so tiny! Also I couldn't help taking photos of the Dreamland sign. I love it so much.

I also photographed Elisa for Bloom in September, and have a photo from our little trip around Brick Lane.

These photos were from London Fashion Week, where I met up with the wonderful Mona.

Mona and I hung out again recently, and saw Craft Spells play in Dalston. We got to have a lil chat with the band afterwards and they are just the nicest guys ever. 'After the moment' is still my favourite song by them and I just adored seeing them play live.

Misty art exhibitions (Ann Veronica Jenssens) and my cluttered room.

From a recent evening out, from dinner, to drinks to the aftermath of hot chocolate and dancing around my room.

A recent outfit from a Saturday at work.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week - don't forget to pick up a christmas jumper from Beyond Retro if you do get the chance!

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Beyond Retro X St Mungos & new film ~
Beyond Retro X St Mungos & new film ~
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