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christmas christmas christmas

I saw a post on tumblr the other day in which the author asked whether anyone else felt that Christmas had gone too quickly, not felt Christmassy enough, or halloween either for that matter? They were then met with the response: "Yeah. That's just growing up."
It was obviously a bit of a joke but how REAL is that feeling? Like each year, Christmas seems to be over so much quicker, and there's just so many other things to think about (um, mock exams?!) that stop you truly getting into the festive spirit you were used to as a child. It's such a weird thought that this is permanent and just a part of growing up - Christmas for me was always one of those things that seemed unchangeable, but to realise that the experience will change as I age is quite hard to get my head around. I don't necessarily see it as a negative thing exactly, it's just something you have to get used to.
This Christmas was really lovely - I spent the day with my family, and used the excuse of a special occasion to wear a mishmash of patterns and this crazily embellished top from a Beyond Retro sale earlier in the year. We had a very typical day with a traditional Christmas dinner, crackers, Christmas hats and an endless supply of Christmas music.

I spent a little too long getting excited about layering (I love a special event as I feel it gives me more of an excuse to go all-out) and wore my gold lurex shirt, patterned shorts and embellished top (all from Beyond Retro I think...) with a 50p bangle from Margate, choker from ebay and a pendent choker from Barcelona.

I couldn't help but wear my Christmas pudding socks from Topshop...also, I know everyone ever seems to have one but I finally got a Kanken! I know they are quite popular nowadays but I've been needing a bag for school etc and I can't deny how much I love their cute little square shape.

In other news, I met up with Opi and Hollie last weekend to see the Ann Veronica Janssens exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. I'd been before but couldn't miss the chance to go again (especially as it's free!) We had to queue for ages but it gave us perfect time to catch up as we hadn't met up for such a long time.

The first photos were taken by Hollie, the last two by me.
We then wandered around Euston for a while, and ended up hovering outside caf├ęs in the twilight as we didn't want to spend any money but couldn't find anywhere else to go. It was really pretty and peaceful and I love late afternoon winter light.

Anyway, here are a few phone photos from recently - I had a nice pre-Christmas week, spent going to a really cool Christmas party with my friend and his family, seeing friends and having a good few pyjama and art days in an attempt to get my coursework finished. My neighbour made us the sweetest mince pies, and then I spent boxing day working at Hirst and going on a little explore along Portobello. It's been really lovely and I am determined to try and be as productive (hopefully even more productive) this week too.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and Christmas - I am not sure when you're supposed to stop celebrating the holiday but I'm still very much in the festive mood, and am sure I'll still be dancing to my Christmas music playlist for a good week yet...

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christmas christmas christmas
christmas christmas christmas
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