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maybe I've been hanging around for too long

I'm having another one of my phases where I am inspired by pretty much everything and anything, and then end up finding it hard to actually decide on what to wear / make / write about as there are just SO MANY ideas and it all gets a little overwhelming. I often find myself forgetting what my 'style' is, and looking at my wardrobe desperately wondering what I would usually put with what, what is 'me' and what isn't...I do the same in art too, staring for hours at my sketchbook blankly wondering what on earth my style is because I know I must have one, but I'm not quite sure what it is or where to find it. I am therefore insanely excited to take my art foundation next year, as I feel that will really be the time for me to identify and cement not only my artistic style, but also my fashion sense, music taste etc. I wonder if I'll change that much. 
In other news, it's been a relatively busy week - I have a huge amount of deadlines looming over me on the lead up to Christmas, the completion of my zine Bloom being one of them, but I'm not feeling too bad about it as I've only got these last few months to get through and them I'm free!!! No more deadlines...well, for the summer at least.

This outfit is the first in a little series I'm doing with Rokit, who kindly lent me some pieces to style as a sort of autumn/winter feature. I fell in love with this shirt the second I walked into the store, and so couldn't help putting together a little double-velvet ensemble for my first outfit. The shirt itself is actually sheer, with these amazing swirls of pink and purple velvet, and the odd dash of glitter just because. To me the fabric is everything I love about Christmas - mulled wine, hot pomegranate or echinacea tea, tinsel and sparkles. In short, I want to live in this shirt. I wore it with black velvet trousers, an oversized white denim jacket, and Monki shoes.

I wore my Askew earrings and necklace from Hirst Antiques that my parents had bought me for my  birthday, a wonderfully eclectic set that were tucked away on one of our densely packed shelves but stole my heart the moment I saw them. I used to wear them around the shop on a Saturday, and so it is of course a bit of a dream come true to actually own and be able to wear them whenever I feel like it. Askew London is actually one of my favourite jewellery designers, as she uses vintage and antique components to create new pieces of jewellery, breathing new life into her materials and generating the most amazing collection of intricate, unique pieces.
I love working in the shop at Christmas time...I love it during the entire year, but there is something so homely and comforting about our little Aladdin's cave during the winter months. The lighting is all yellow-y and dreamy, my colleague Stephanie makes the most amazing hot lemon and honey, it's usually always busy, and of course we get the opportunity to bring out our extensive collection of Christmas tree brooches. What more could you want?!

I'm trying to keep to my word about posting on here more often, and so today felt like the perfect time to start at the beginning a sort of series with Rokit, who kindly lent me some pieces to style as part of an autumn/winter feature. I chose some pieces whilst at their Christmas party in their Covent Garden Store, which my two awesome pals (who are working on Bloom with me) agreed to come to as well. It was a lovely evening, I got to finally meet the lovely Ellie who I have been email friends with for probably almost a year, have a go at making Christmas jumpers, drink mulled wine and have a snoop around the store. I took a few photos, as the decorations and mannequins were just so lovely.

^(As you can see I'm still a proud promotor of the shoe selfie, because yes I am actually 13 years old at heart and still making stars with my friends out of our fingers)

Along with choosing some lovely pieces to shoot for this blog, we also pulled some things to shoot for Bloom, which I have mentioned a few times in this post as it's really happening! I am really finally making a printed zine and it has loads of lovely submissions from really talented photographers, writers and artists, and hopefully it will look as good as I am trying to make it look! I can't wait to share more of it with you but for now you can follow the Instagram, Tumblr, or the very unfinished website

Last but not least, I can't help but share my recent obsession with taking style/photography/life inspiration from music videos. My most recent has been BTS's "Run", which has pretty much destroyed everyone who has watched it because it is just SO GOOD. Everything from the scene set up to the camera angles to the outfits is perfect, and basically fulfils all my aesthetic needs. Here are my favourite screen shots from the music video which you can watch here.

I will be back shortly with more posts with Rokit ~ hope you have a good week!

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maybe I've been hanging around for too long
maybe I've been hanging around for too long
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