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unlike the story it was written to be

These photos are from earlier in the week...recently I've got back into my thing of wearing 182682 different patterns at once, and am making way more effort to actually put clothes on for college (instead of just going in my pyjamas, which I have done on multiple occasions). It does take an extra five minutes but for some reason patterns make me feel so much more me? It's weird.
Anyway, I've had a fairly productive week, and am looking forward to getting Bloom finished so I can just spend the christmas holidays working on art projects and visiting galleries (a much needed break from zine page layout editing every evening!) I'm looking forward to christmas too...I just love all holidays and any kind of festivity makes me feel all warm and nostalgic.

I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to wear this together but I quite like the layers...I wore a charity shop lace shirt, bralet from Depop, vintage silk shirt from Margate, Rokit denim shorts and Dr Martens shoes. The earrings, silver pendant and beaded choker were from Barcelona and the white necklace was a birthday present.

On wednesday I got the tube into central London to visit Beyond Retro's Soho store, to pick up a christmas jumper as part of their St Mungo's campaign (there will be a whole post on this soon). I had forgotten just how much I love the city at Christmas - I love busy streets, fairy lights and seasonal window displays...everything is so festive and it just has this wonderful nostalgic feel that takes me right back to last minute shopping on winter evenings with my parents when I was younger. I was early so strolled though the shops, bought an American Apparel circle skirt for half price in the sale (I LOVE SALES) had a soya hazelnut latte (the best thing ever) and spent way too long walking up and down Carnaby Street...I can't really blame myself, it's such a pretty place. 

Some phone photos from this week...I was wearing this Rokit shirt and American Apparel skirt and strangely matched the paint in the sinks in my art department?
In other news, I watched Lost in Translation for the first time yesterday and I HAVE SOME FEELINGS WOW ok not only is it filmed beautifully, in the most beautiful locations, with brilliant acting and everything, but it just targets such a specific time in everyone's life and captures so much emotion and if you haven't seen it (which you probably have - I came very late to the party I'm sorry) you absolutely have to!! I couldn't help but feel crazy inspired to travel and talk to strangers and explore cities and just generally live. Here are some screenshots to try and demonstrate what I mean ~~~

I've posted so much this week...I will try keep up the momentum a little more as hopefully with the last week at school / making of Bloom / holidays I'll have a lot of content to share. Have a lovely weekend!

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unlike the story it was written to be
unlike the story it was written to be
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