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if this moment passes as if it hadn't happened

My mock exams are over!!! It feels like it's been forever despite only actually having three exams including art. I quite enjoyed the study leave though - it's so nice actually having some free time to get work done rather than having to stick to the strict structure of regular school days. It was a welcome break too - I had time to immerse myself fully into the buzz of LCM, as well as go sale shopping (American Apparel bodysuit and shorts in the above photo were almost 75% off in store!). I've got back into my old ways of trying harder with outfits and basically just not holding back whatsoever - I think the loss of Bowie really woke me up and made me realise that if you like something, do it - life's too short to do otherwise. (The shirt is from Lazy Oaf).
I haven't had time to take proper photos but I will do as soon as I can, for now here is my latest roll of film from New Year's Eve up till now. I apologise to my friends for not asking whether I can post these or not but they are generally cute / aesthetic photos so hopefully they won't mind.

New Year's Eve was a glittery dance party affair that saw my friends and I wear as much sparkle as humanly possible. I also got to see family on New Year's day which was super cute also look how tall I look (I'm like 5ft so looking tall is a huge deal for me).
I then have some photos from after seeing the Kinky Boots musical in Covent Garden, and got overly excited after finding a little elephant statue on the way home.

My LCM outfit minus the amazing jacket (if I say so myself). Berets have transformed my life as have roll neck tops, layers, triple sole creepers and cropped jeans. Basically this outfit is my new favourite combination / silhouette and I intend to wear it as much as possible.
I used the rest of the film last Tuesday when I visited the David Bowie mural in Brixton, which fans have turned into a sort of memorial by laying flowers, burning candles and leaving notes. Bowie meant a lot to me and it felt right to go and pay my respects, and it was such a beautiful mural with so many amazing flowers that it really warmed my heart and reminded me how nice and vigilant people can be when they all come together - pens were left to share so everyone had the chance to leave a note on the walls, the department store the mural is painted onto had no issue with this, and there was no limit to who could go - it was an entirely inclusive and encouraging environment, meaning absolutely every kind of person with every kind of style, nationality, job, or age could go and lay flowers or pay their respects in any way they saw fit. It was a truly breathtaking scene at night, with the candles illuminating the piles of brightly coloured flowers, the Ritzy's "Our Brixton Boy" sign standing out on the main road. 

It was a weird week, what with the excitement of LCM mixed with the shock of losing Bowie, and then Alan Rickman only a few days later. Mocks were stressful, but its nice to know that after my art exam tomorrow I can really relax a little for the first time in a while. I hope you all have a good week - if you would like to read an article I wrote for Written Citizen about what Bowie meant to me, you can see it here.

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if this moment passes as if it hadn't happened
if this moment passes as if it hadn't happened
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