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like a dream in the night, who can say where we're going

Today I spent the sweetest sleepy Sunday strolling around Shoreditch with my friend & fellow camera and aesthetic-obsessed pal Hawabibi, visiting a £1 vintage sale in Whitechapel in the morning, then walking down to the Whitechapel gallery and seeing a little bit of art, having a stroll down to Brick Lane and scouting out every single coffee shop before finally deciding on one to hang out in. We settled on a teeny little one on Cheshire Street and it was so pretty and I probably will be back on a regular basis.
I've been so tired and over-worked these last few weeks, even though I haven't really felt like I have got that much work done or got very far in regards to school or blog work. I'm trying to keep more up to date and document everything as my current state of near-existential-crisis has meant I have a real need and urge to make something of every single day this year, which I'm not sure if I have achieved so far but I am giving it a good go.
So far London Collections was definitely a highlight, and of course writing for both Written Citizen and Local Riot. February hopefully holds more exciting opportunities - London Fashion Week, concerts and hopefully more writing and artwork should make it a good and productive month.

I adore exploring London and it makes it even better when you explore with someone who also loves finding hidden treasures and taking photos of everything that moves (or everything that doesn't, too). Hawabibi and I started hanging out some time last after bonding over our love of Victorian Literature (I leant her a copy of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, one of my favourite Brontë novels) and realising that not only did we both love visiting galleries and coffee shops (we have an ongoing photo series of me being excited in art exhibitions...and have a plan to visit at least one exhibition a month this year) but we are actually the same person. It's crazy. We have a cute tradition of sending each other all the photos we take after hanging out, which we now do naturally without having to ask. Basically speak up about what you like and you will meet amazing people with the same interests!
(My jacket is vintage from Margate, the jacket and navy shirt from Beyond Retro, the leopard shirt from Brick Lane, and bag from a french market).

I've not been up to too much over the last week - mostly spent working on art, getting stressed about art foundation applications, wearing way too many patterns and planning summer holiday adventures. I feel a little out of touch with everything right now but I think that's just being tired. I plan to get better nights sleep this week.

I'm currently working on covering a sofa in memories for art and wearing as many patterns as possible every day. My journal is being kept a little better and I want to keep that up, as well as taking more photos on my film cameras. I hope you all have a lovely February, and I will be back with more cohesive posts within the week!

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like a dream in the night, who can say where we're going
like a dream in the night, who can say where we're going
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