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London Collections Men AW16

Today was my first endeavour into London Collections Men, the menswear version of London Fashion Week, which felt particularly appropriate to me considering my recent revelation that I might actually want to study menswear design after my art foundation. I had never really attempted it before, but this year applied on a whim and was lucky enough to receive some show invites, and therefore have reason to go down to central London to check it out. I had a last minute panic about what to wear but couldn't help bringing out my new MadeMe jacket (a wonderful sales-meets-gift voucher purchase), vintage Ben Vautier for Latitude Sud beret and Beyond Retro top.

I first popped into the Chester Barrie presentation, which was an amazing Saville Row collection of finely tailored suits. It was really nice to see this side of LCM - so much of fashion is trying to move away from tradition and make something new, so it was interesting to see the original styles that have shaped menswear for decades. Checks, houndstooth, velvet and grid patterns were abundant, in mostly dark greys and warm, dark shades. (Photos: Vogue except the last which is mine).

 I then met up with Mona again (we went to see a few bands last night in Dalston) for a walk around Covent Garden and a coffee to escape from the cold for a little bit. Her outfit was amazing and included a hand-decorated cap that was really cool. It was lovely to have a catch up with someone also running to and from LCM shows and presentations!
Afterwards I went to the KTZ show - one I have been excited about for pretty much my whole life. I have loved the brand for ages, and never thought for a second I would get an invite. It was an amazing surprise to get a ticket delivered and I couldn't wait to see the collection, as I was certain it would not disappoint.

One of my favourite things about KTZ is how clear their concepts always are. Each collection is incredibly unique and different to the others, with a new theme and energy each time, but always with a particular KTZ edge that underpins it. This season had a distinctly sport-inspired theme, with the collection imagined as a "boy's sports-room." A minimal colour palette, with strong combinations of black and white, white and red and yellow and black, made up the base of the designs, with layering, patches and sparkly embellishment completing each piece. Contrasting think baseball lacing held together jackets and trousers, making something as traditional as sport into something incredibly artistic and fashionable. It's this reversal of the norm that sets KTZ apart from most other designers - they do not follow trends, or use fashion as inspiration, but rather makes fashion from scratch, creating new ideas and sparking new inspiration season after season. (photos from Vogue)

Red was probably the strongest and most notable colour in the collection - it's daring, bright shade stood out and really represented the statement that KTZ clothing is; clothing that packs a punch, has something to say and is rebellious, with a sort of modern-day punk effect. I completely adored the structural panelling and geometric and linear prints, and of course the use of both male and female models. Despite this being a 'menswear' show, they demonstrated a belief that fashion is genderless; clothes are for everyone, and KTZ is much more than a bunch of designs marketed for one group of people, but rather a sort of 'universe' for men and women who share the same ideologies and style. I was completely blown away by the collection if I'm honest - so much had clearly been put into it, and it was impossible to come away without being hugely inspired and uplifted. (photos from Vogue)

After the KTZ show I was lucky enough to attend the after party at XOYO, which was an amazing experience as it was essentially a fashion show in itself. A club packed full of incredibly fashionable people, who are all into the same designers and have similar style is pretty much what I imagine a sort of heaven to be like, and although I didn't stay for too long it had a really nice atmosphere.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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London Collections Men AW16
London Collections Men AW16
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