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memories crumble like dried flower petals

Happy new year!! I can't quite believe it's 2016. That really does sound a little too futuristic for me...luckily though, nothing too drastic seems to have changed, which is somewhat comforting. I had a good New Year - my friends and I all celebrated it together, and although it meant we got very little sleep, it was definitely one to remember and I'm pleased I didn't sleep through it or something (I am really scared of doing that by accident at some point in my life). I've also started back at college for a week before mock exams, and am stressed already even though it's only been three days. Oh well.

Basically Beyond Retro's January sale ruined me as everything was SO GOOD...explaining the sudden influx of new things into my wardrobe (I really need to start selling my old clothes again to make my hoarding a little more economically viable). I'm really into stripes and patterns as always, and wide trousers have been really catching my eye recently, so I attempted to compile all of these into one outfit. The shirt and trousers are both from Beyond Retro, the jacket from Blitz and the shoes from Monki. I added my 50p bangle and a brooch as well as wearing a few necklaces and chokers that I seem to have been wearing a lot recently.

Also my socks were red and glittery and cheered me up throughout the day every time I caught a glimpse of them. It really does wonders to your mood to wear things you like - I can't express how floaty and chill wearing trousers like these is - you are so comfortable and yet you feel so sleek and basically they are the best invention ever, and I intend to never take them off.
Anyway, I have a few phone photos from New Year and some recent outfits ~~

As you can see I have been wearing the trousers quite a lot but the looseness makes them comfy and the cut makes them quite smart and that just makes them so perfect and I want all my clothes to do that. The dream is to look smart and be comfortable, really.

I've been making art again!!! Here are some unfinished pieces I've been working on. There are plenty more layers going to be added...I'm working on pieces that suggest layers of memory, so have covered objects in layers of photos and drawings, embroidered and sewn into fabric and clothing etc. It's a really interesting project actually and I will hopefully share more of it on here once I have some better photos of my work. (My portfolio is here)

I'm really feeling autumnal colours even though it's January - the warm winter we've had has resulted in a sort of prolonged autumn, which I am certainly not complaining about as it is one of my favourite seasons. I do wish it would start getting darker later though - I feel as if I've been going to school and coming home from school in the dark for months and I just miss those long summer evenings where everything seems possible and the day seems endless. I hope you all had a good New Year...I've got a few resolutions including making Bloom the best it can be, writing (and improving) this blog, and attending more events (I'm starting with LC:M this sunday!) Have a lovely week!

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memories crumble like dried flower petals
memories crumble like dried flower petals
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