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Vogue 100 launch at the national portrait gallery

On Thursday night I was invited to the Vogue100 Exhibition shop launch at the National Portrait Gallery; a celebration of the magazine's 100-year anniversary, and an in-depth insight into the ins an outs of the work that has been at the forefront of fashion since most of us can remember. The exhibition itself opens next week, February 11th, and is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting shows the Gallery has hosted.
As part of the Vogue100 festivities, The National Portrait Gallery shop has teamed up with a variety of designers and makers to create a selection of beautiful products that showcase how Vogue has inspired so many people over it's 100-year reign, and impacted fashion and style consistently. Designers such as Lulu Guinness, Karen Mabon, and Patricia Nicolás and Vow London have all created pieces for the shop inspired by past Vogue shoots or covers, all which are available now online and will be in the exhibition shop next week.

The event itself was lovely - I've been to a few Rumour PR events before and so it was really nice to be met with some familiar friendly faces. I also bumped into the lovely Hannah who I met at fashion week a few seasons ago, and Kristabel (whose blog I have been reading since before I started writing my own!). Biscuiteers provided us with Vogue cover inspired biscuits, while lips and nails were catered for by Nails Inc and Lipstick Queen.

The designer collaborations really demonstrated the power Vogue has had over the creative industries over the last 100 years, with designers coming up with products inspired by Vogue covers or shoots and showing how every single edition is packed full of inspiration that never ages - Vogue has, and will, always remain a relevant source of inspiration for fashion, no matter how old or new the issue is.    Patricia Nicolás, a jewellery designer who has previously worked with both Vogue and Topshop, created a selection of pieces based on the last image above. I love the way she used the question mark and lips motif and managed to make really iconic pieces that suit every style - from the smaller, cute lips to the bigger, crazier pieces, there is something for everyone.

I wore a vintage lace and glitter shirt, charity shop patterned shirt, socks and cropped culotte dungarees from Topshop, and shoes from Monki. I also wore a near floor length camel coat I purchased from Etsy probably about a year ago. I wore a vintage moon brooch from Margate, and an Askew London necklace from Hirst Antiques.

We were gifted with some really beautiful pieces from The National Portrait Gallery's shop, including a framed Vogue cover print (there are so many different ones available!) a Lulu Guinness passport cover and Lipstick Queen lipstick amongst others. It was a really lovely gesture from everyone at the NPG and Rumour PR, and a lovely opportunity to try out the products and merchandise before the exhibition opens next week. 
I really recommend you have a look at the shop here, and go to the exhibition when it opens on February 11th! It looks like it will be an amazing event and I can't wait to go myself. Thanks to everyone at Rumour and The National Portrait Gallery for a lovely evening!

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Vogue 100 launch at the national portrait gallery
Vogue 100 launch at the national portrait gallery
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